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The Nightmare Before Christmas Disney 3D Jigsaw Puzzle in Tin Book 35558 300pc 18x12"

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He is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and is loved and respected by the residents. Immerse yourself in Halloween Town as you piece together this immersive, 3D illustration of the iconic characters from Star Wars!

This 3D lenticular puzzle comes in a book-shaped Tin Box with hinges that open like a real book. It can be used to store the puzzle as well as anything else! It also makes an excellent and fun present, or you can treat yourself and get one and begin collecting the rest of the puzzles from the Collectible Tin Box Collection!

Each piece is made with great detail and quality craftsmanship doing justice to the vibrant colors that pop out (pun intended!) as you assemble this unique illustration. High-quality pieces that don’t break and are easy to fit. 

Develop a new hobby, or engage in some brain training as puzzles are known to stimulate the brain, improve our spatial reasoning, memory, and problem-solving abilities, and even increase our IQ! Puzzles are also a great way to boost the mood, relieve stress, and increase self-confidence!

Do it yourself, with your loved ones or even gift it to a fellow Star Wars fan!

Completed puzzle dimension 18x12 inch / 43x31cm
Packaging Tin box (book type) with a lenticular image on the cover.
Age group 6+
Package dimension 7.4x9.5x2 inch / 18.8x24x5cm
Weight 1.3lb.

NOTE: The 3D representations shown are for illustrative purposes only. There may be slight variations in the actual puzzle as it is challenging to depict 3D lenticular images on a 2D screen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Monica H. (Miami, US)
Excellent puzzle with a sharp image!

The first one I tried is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love Tim Burton movies and think this style of art is so cool. I was a little concerned that a mostly black one would be very difficult, but it wasn't at all! I started with Jack's head and the other white parts, then went by patterns.

So how's the quality? Excellent! The image is sharp, the pieces connect perfectly and are anti- warp. It absolutely passes the pickup challenge! As a cool bonus, this one came in a very nice book shaped tin. (Must get more. They'll make great Christmas gifts!!)

Cary P. (Safety Harbor, US)
Fun fantastic build

I have never built a lenticular puzzle before so this was a new experience and I adore “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. This puzzle came in a decorative metal tin. The pieces snapped together smoothly and held tight. I love the motion that Puzzlr captured on the puzzle pieces. This will remain part of my permanent collection to be assembled each year.


A lenticular is a special artwork. It changes as the viewer moves from side to side, the image resting in the balance between the viewer's left and right eyes. A scene presented as a lenticular is never stable but always depends on the angle from which the image is viewed.

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