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3D puzzle

Bought 3d discovery jugsaw puzzle. I love it. The picture is so clear and amazing. I will be ordering more soon. Also really fast shipping.

Perfect 3d puzzle!

Loved the way these 3d puzzles are with details. They’re perfect framed!

Perfect 3d puzzle!

Loved the way these 3d puzzles are with details. They’re perfect framed!


Great product. Shipped with care and no damage. Better than expected

Yes product was revived loved the actual product received


This is a great quality puzzle and was very rewarding. I ordered additional Discovery puzzles after completing this one.

African selfie

So much fun. I liked it so much I ordered a smaller one for my grandchild who loves the zoo!

Beautiful puzzle

Not only is the artwork superb, but the quality of the puzzle is excellent! This is my first 3D puzzle and the challenge is equal to a 1,000- piece puzzle even though it's only 500 pieces. Such fun!

first time doing 3D puzzle. did not complete. put it back in the box. not for me and my family.

Kids love these

I bought this one for my 10 year old grandchild. She loved it. I ordered 3 more for my other grandkids. Different sizes based on their ages.

So cool

This is the most challenging of the 3D puzzles I’ve done, but well worth it. I ordered another one from this artist. Pictures can not show the depth.

Absolute fun

I loved this puzzle! Not only beautiful but fun. The pieces are high quality and they almost snap together-you can pick up the whole puzzle when completed.

Really enjoy the puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

I liked my 3d puzzle. The transaction with this company was very good. Shipped in a reasonable time.

Difficult but sturdy

This puzzle was a little difficult- a lot of small color variations which were complicated by the 3D appearance. It honestly made me a little dizzy at first, but it got better once e we were used to it. For some reason it doesn’t seem very flat where the pieces cone together. It’s one of the only puzzles we’ve been successful at picking up as one piece, so I guess it’s actually pretty sturdy!

Dad seems to be enjoying it..


Beautiful clear sunny Sunday afternoon with a cool breeze blowing from the water!! Can feel it and enjoyed making it more!!


Pictured there while it was built, amazed built without modern equipment!!

Avengers - The Hulk Marvel 3D Jigsaw Puzzle 32672 500pc 24x18"

3D puzzle

Right now I’m putting it together, So far loving it. My first flat 3D puzzle

Cute animals

I am starting the puzzle this weekend and let you know how I like it. It will be different

not an easy puzzle to assemble, have to have a lot of time on you hands, beautiful puzzle.

Want to purchase 3D Puzzle

A Challenge

Very different than your traditional puzzles. A challenge in trying to analyze each puzzle part (have to look at each piece at an angle). Very challenging for me.
Did however complete the puzzle.

True to life

I am sure these are great puzzles. I have not received mine yet but I am surprised they allowed the chemtrails in the Eiffel Tower puzzle. That will date the puzzle.

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